ECI Superwipe wiper blades, offers its users a combination of Unmatched performance and value.
Available in size ranging from 12-26 inches, it covers all your conventional wiper blade needs.

  • All Metal Frame – Durable Steel Frame with Stainless Steel Backing – provides reliable, long lasting performance. Powder coating protects frame from ultra-violet rays and corrosion.
  • Steel Brackets – provide uniform pressure across the windshield preventing chattering and streaks.
  • Special Rubber Compound – Natural Rubber with specialized coating – provides a smooth, quiet, streak-free performance.
    The Universal, Aerodyn & D’signo series of ECI wiper blades provide coverage for the majority of the cars.

Universal Series


  • All-metal frame for maximum strength and durability.
  • Evenly spaced contact points applies even pressure across the wiping edge.
  • High compression natural rubber insert reduces chatter and squeaks.

Aerodyne Series


  • Hybrid-style blade and clip for perfect fit on your vehicles.
  • Numerous pressure points for continuous contact across the windshield.



  • Unique OEM design.
  • Graphite-coated rubber provides longer lasting blade life.
  • Sleek, aerodynamic design.

Rear Wiper

ECI Superwipe Rear wipers ensure that drivers enjoy a clear view to the rear at all times. Unlike the front wiper, the rear wiper only features one wiper arm which is powered directly by the wiper drive. The Rear wiper comes in various sizes and shapes and model specific also.